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  • Woven Carbon IR Heating Lamp
  • Woven Carbon IR Heating Lamp
Woven Carbon IR Heating Lamp Woven Carbon IR Heating Lamp

Woven Carbon IR Heating Lamp

  • Voltage: 36,72,110,120,220,240,380V.
  • Watt: 150 -7500w
  • Length: 200-3000mm
  • Custom made is available, pls send us your specification

Woven Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating Lamp


1 Light of Life:

Excellent health care function, especially good for activating human body cells, improve blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, strengthen immunity, no  electromagnetic field produced, and harmless to human bodies.

2 Energy saving and environmental protection with long life:

The carbon fiber heating element is a kind of pure black material, which has the advantages of rapid warming, tiny thermal hysteretic, even heating, far distance of heat radiation transfer and quick speed of heat exchange. It’s average life is 6000 hours and the luminous flux is far less than the mental electric heating tubes.The electric conversion efficiency can reach more than 95%. It can heat in 1 or 2 seconds and after 5 seconds, the surface temperature can reach 300-700℃. Under the condition of same power and volume, compared with other mental or ceramic electric heating tubes, the carbon fiber quartz electric heating tube spends less time to reach the rated temperature.

3、 Electrical stable performance:

 in the process of frequent starts up, shuts down and long time continuously work and the  power keeps in a certain tolerance range stable, it won't produce any instantaneous electric current shock.

Technical parameters

Voltage (v)


Power (w)

150 ~ 2500 W

Power error(%)

-8% ~ +5%

Length (mm)

200 ~ 1500 mm

Length error (mm)

+/-2 mm


ф10,12,14,18,20,23,25,28 mm

Diameter error (mm)

+/-0.1 mm

Infrared wavelength  (μm)


Color temperature(k)


The thermal conversion efficiency(%)

≥ 95%

Maximum working temperature


The conversion efficiency of thermal radiation

≥ 70%

Maximum heating temperature


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