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Where is Infrared (IR) radiation

Where is Infrared (IR) radiation

The Infrared part includes 3 parts:
short-wave: IR-A
medium-wave: IR-B
long-wave: IR-C

Infrared (IR) heat principle

Infrared heat lamps heat the person or the objects near it by Infrared Radiation directly
within a short time, and the person will feel warm and the objects will turn hotter soon.
IR heat lamps heat the object directly but don't heat the surrounding air which is
the reason why it can make highly efficient heating source. Further more, infrared heat
lamps heat up the object penetrates into the object don't just act on the surface. The
lamps can be controlled quickly and easily.

Infrared (IR) heat technology

Infrared heat lamp specifies tungsten filament Infrared Halogen Lamps in most
of its heater. The halogen gas is added to inert gas in the lamp. As the heater
operates, tungsten slowly evaporates from the filament and combines with the halogen
to create a tungsten halide. As the tungsten halide touches the filament, the heat
separates the halide into tungsten and halogen gas and re-deposits the tungsten back
on the filament. The freed halogen gas then repeats the process.
  ◎ The lamps heat up and cool down instantly in response to changes in applied
◎ The high-density infrared energy is produced by a tungsten wire filament in the
◎ The inert atmosphere in the quartz glass envelope protects the tungsten filament
     from oxidation.
◎ All T3 lamps have a diameter of 3/3 inch, while T4 lamps have a diameter of 1/2
     inch. Lamps are available in various lengths and wattages, and in clear or
     translucent quartz glass envelopes.
◎ Each lamp has a rated voltage, filament temperature, color temperature, peak
     wavelength, and total energy emissions can be controlled by adjusting the applied
     voltage above this rated value.
◎ The average lifetime for most lamps is 5,000 hours. High color temperature lamps
       have a shorter average lifetime.
◎ Connections to supply electricity to the tungsten wire filament are made through
     flexible pigtail leads.
Benefit of VIRITT Infrared (IR) heat lamp
  ◎ Comfortable heat & Instant heat
  ◎ Save energy & High efficiency
  ◎ Safe & clean
  ◎ Easy to install & easy contrel & low maintenance
  ◎ Outdoor zone heating, restaurant & cafe terraces & other outdoor seating
  ◎ Space heating in factory, sports halls, exhibition hall, work area, churche, large
       hall, warehouse, storage area, garage, greenhouse, open-air application,
       stadium, camp site, de-icing and so on
  ◎ Infrared cabin
  ◎ Preparation of food in vitroceramic cooker & oven
  ◎ Grilling function in microwave & conventional oven
  ◎ Catering & food warming
  ◎ Fast baking
  ◎ Blowing of plastic bottle
  ◎ Plastic thermoforming
  ◎ Softening & melting of plastic
  ◎ Epitaxy
  ◎ CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposit)
  ◎ Ion implant annealing
  ◎ Etching
Attention about use matters
  ◎ Preferably do not touch quartz with bare hands. If grease or chemical compound
       have been deposited on quartz, simply clean before lighting with cloth moistened
       with alcohol.
  ◎ Disconnect installation from power supply before removing or installing a lamp.
  ◎ Prolonged looking at the lamp during operation may result in damage to the eye.
  ◎ Keep dry.

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