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About Yong Light Technology

As experts in manufacturing infrared heating lamps over 20 years, Donghai Young Light Technology Co., Ltd (YLT) is located in Lianyungang city, China. Occupied area 2000 ㎡ factory workshop with 60 experienced workers.

The factory was established in year 1997 and only focus on supplying infrared heating lamps for domestic markets and trading companies. In year 2015, we have extended to oversea markets and cooperate directly with worldwide clients.


Our main products include: Carbon Fiber Infrared Heating Lamp, Halogen Infrared Heating Lamp, Gold/White Reflector Infrared Heating Lamp, Ruby Quartz Infrared Heating lamp, Single Tube/ Twin Tube Infrared Heating Lamp and Custom Made special shape Quartz Heating Lamps. We use the latest manufacturing technologies to offer you the most efficient infrared lamps with the most competitive cost in the industry. All  our heating lamps can meet the standard of CE, ROHS. Custom made is  available in our factory, same specification as DR.FISCHER, PHILIPS etc.

Your Go-To Partner

We offer custom manufacturing with end-to-end project solutions. Here are our main products:

  • Shortwave Infrared Heat Lamps

  • Medium-Wave Infrared Heat Lamps

  • Fast-Response Medium Wave(FRMW) Infrared Heat Lamps

  • Twin Tube Infrared Heat Lamps

  • Custom Shaped Infrared Heat Lamps

  • Replacement Infrared Heat Lamps

  • Quartz Glass Tubes

  • Ruby/Gold Coated Quartz Infrared Heat Lamps

Our quartz infrared heat lamps support a wide range of industries, including:

  • Healthcare: Our quartz infrared heat lamps are utilized in various healthcare applications, such as physiotherapy and pain relief treatments.

  • Manufacturing and Industrial Processes: Industries benefit from our infrared heat lamps for processes like drying, curing, and heating in manufacturing settings.

  • Agriculture: Our lamps contribute to agricultural practices, providing efficient heating solutions for greenhouse cultivation and livestock operations.

  • Food Processing: In the food industry, our infrared heat lamps assist in processes like cooking, baking, and food preservation.

  • Printing and Packaging: Our lamps play a crucial role in drying inks and coatings in the printing and packaging industry, ensuring efficient production.

  • Automotive: In automotive manufacturing, our heat lamps are employed for tasks like paint curing and component drying.

  • Commercial and Residential Heating: Our products also find application in commercial and residential heating systems, providing effective and energy-efficient warmth.

  • Textile Industry: Textile manufacturers use our infrared heat lamps for drying and curing processes in fabric production.

  • Photovoltaic Industry: In the solar industry, our lamps aid in processes like encapsulation and curing of solar panels.

  • Research and Development: Laboratories and R&D facilities utilize our infrared heat lamps for various experimental and testing purposes.

Our quartz infrared heat lamps are designed to meet the diverse heating needs of these industries, offering energy-efficient, reliable, and effective solutions.


We meet customers' requirements, provide OEM/ODM service of different designs heating lamps, and ensure the good quality with on time delivery. Our QC in factory will check each finished heating lamps before shipment. Our heating lamps are exported to more than 50 countries include Germany, UK, Latvia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, France, Italy, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, Turkey, South Korea, India and Australia.

Based on " high quality, good reputation" to run the enterprise, we welcome clients all over of the world to contact us for business.    

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