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  • White Reflector IR Heat Lamp for Industrial Heating

White Reflector IR Heat Lamp for Industrial Heating

Short Wave White Coated Infrared Heater Tube Quartz Tungsten  Heating Lamp

Halogen Infrared Tube Heater lamp used with the circle of tungsten wire to radiation.

Turning on or turning off quickly,temperature and penetration,agile and convenient installation,good thermostability.This kind of lamp is very suit for high-speed production and rapid preheating working environment.Such as automobile making,PET bottle blowing,screen printing and other industries.

In order to improve reflection efficiency,we can make half gold plated, coated white or all gold plated processing for the halogen infrared heater lamp.

Halogen infrared tube heating lamp can be made with transparent, or red quartz tube.It's also can be made into various shapes of lamps.



Product parameters


Special infrared heating lamp

    We can also customize the infrared heating lamp according to the size,shape,and special requirements besides the normal infrared straight heating lamps.

    -  have better heating efficiency

    -  decrease energy loss and product process time

    -  increase the product properties and production efficiency

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