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  • Ruby IR Heat Lamp
  • Ruby IR Heat Lamp
Ruby IR Heat Lamp Ruby IR Heat Lamp

Ruby IR Heat Lamp

  • Voltage:  12~575V
  • Power:  50~2000W
  • Length:  78~772mm

Infrared Heating Lamp for Comfort Heating

Overview of Lamp Applications

ApplicationLamp Solution
Plastic forming
Clear/White reflector heating 
Bottle blowingClear/White reflector heating 
Painting dryingClear/White reflector heating/Gold heating
Paper printingHigh power twin tube
Shoe made dryingGold heating
Food catering/processingJacket/Clear or special shape heating 
SemiconductorHigh power twin tube
Wet conditionWaterproof gold heating

Ruby Heating Lamp

Infrared Ruby lamps are a simple,effective,reliable,economical and comfortable heat source, which are set to make a significant difference to the world of zone heating.

Ruby heating lamp

Factories with enough white light, areas where the red glare will not be glare, will not be distracting, warming products.

ruby lamp

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