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  • 1000W infrared Heat Lamp for Bottle Blowing

1000W infrared Heat Lamp for Bottle Blowing

  • Short Wave White Coated Quartz Infrared Heating Lamp  for bottle blowing machines

Short Wave White Coated Quartz Infrared Heating Lamp 

 Product Name  Short Wave Halogen Infrared Heating Lamp
 Diameter 10mm, 12mm,14mm,18mm
 Voltage 24-450V
 Power 50-4000W
 Tube Coating Clear,Half white/gold coated reflection,Ruby,Jacketed, full gold coated
 Power error  -8% ~+5%
 Color Temp 1200K
 Max working temperature <600 degree
 Usage Bottle blowing heating,outdoor heater,car paint,printing dryer

The Advantages Of  Infrared Heating Lamp

Carbon fiber heat lamp (Medium wave infrared heat lamp)*High-priced imported carbon fiber filament

*The finished filament is smooth and does not fluff

*Advanced carbon fiber weaving process,smooth surface

*The optimum power and maximum longevity

Guartz glass tube (Single tube and twin tube)

*High quality high-temperature quartz glass

*Is totally transparent at IR radiation

*If you need more heat under the same conditions, it is your best choice(twin tube)

Reflector Infrared heating lamp

To transmit and focus heat more efficiently on the material, a special reflector is directly applied on the quartz tube. According to the specific application and customers' needs, We usually applies gold, white and ruby(red) reflectors on its IR heat lamp.

*Ruby heat lamp & all gold heat lamp

Reduce the brightness of visible light, reduce wavelength, increase heat.

*White IR heat lamp

Imported ceramic white plating material, The white reflector coating is stable, not easy to fall off.

*Gold IR heat lamp

Imported gold plated material,gold water plated.Reflect heat use,Stronger reflection efficiency.Reflection effect is better than white plated.

White Coated Halogen Infrared Heating Lamp
 1000W IR Lamp for Bottle Blowing

1000W IR Lamp for Bottle Blowing

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